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Volunteer Calendar

Thank you for volunteering to usher, greet, record the sermon or accompany worship! Below is the online calendar. We typically schedule three months at a time. If you are unable to volunteer on a day you are assigned, please see if someone is available to cover or switch weeks with you and email Ushers please contact Brian Henken if you have any questions or concerns.

Each volunteer type is noted by a different color:

  • Orange: Usher
  • Green: Greeter
  • Gray: Video
  • Yellow: Accompaniment

Note: If you want to only view one calendar (usher, greeter, etc.) at a time click the down arrow on the far right side of the calendar (by the agenda tab) and deselect all calendars you wish to hide.

Altar Guild

Coordinator: Gretchen Adrian
The altar guild volunteers set-up and take down communion ware for our worship services (usually the first and third Sundays of each month and the preceding Thursdays). Volunteers are scheduled for one month of the year.


Coordinator: Church Secretary
Our greeters are the welcoming face for our guests and members as they walk into our church doors. Volunteers are placed on a rotational schedule.


Coordinator: Church Secretary
Volunteers for video record the Sunday sermons. Volunteers are placed on a rotational schedule.

Lawn Care

Coordinator: Property Director
Our lawn mowers cut the grass for both the church and parsonage properties.


Coordinator: Brian Henken
Ushers help members and guest during worship; including helping guests to an open seat, handing out worship folders, collecting offering, and guiding members up to communion, out after service. Ushers also prep for service by lighting candles, placing hymns on hymn boards, turning on lights and sound system and placing communion/guest cards in the pews. Ushers are  placed on a rotational schedule.

Church Sign

Coordinator: Kim McDougal
Our church sign team changes out the message on our outdoor church sign, which is typically switched once a week. Kim McDougal will provide the schedule of which message would be placed on the sign. Volunteers are placed on a rotational schedule with the sign to be changed on Sundays after worship.